FUNDTECH CONSULTING offers strategic leader consultations,  interactive workshops and tailor-made facilitations for the strategic development approach of your business.

Fundtech Mission

FUNDTECH CONSULTING shares and mutually shapes the journey of entrepreneurs and organisational leaders as they conceptualize, formalize, and implement their visions of starting and growing organisations and emerging as leaders with effective teams.

Fundtech #Fundamentals

“Don’t procrastinate – start building your dream business today.”

Ideal for Start-ups and SMME’s, these facilitations cover the principles of strategic business planning and operations and offer a back-to-basics approach for new or existing business owners that provides the leader and the team with a sound strategic focus.


“I won a trip to Mauritius based on a higher than average growth rate for my business in the larger company. Santie von Below facilitated the STRATPLAN tool as part of the Fundtech Fundamentals. I attained new marketing ideas and appointed new consultants. Santie’s passion and positivity inspired me. I’ll be grateful forever and recommend her to any business that wants to develop strong leadership.”

Riana Koen
Annique Health and Beauty
Serendipity Beauty Studio, George, RSA

Fundtech #Leaderdevelopment

“Become the effective leader that you are destined to be.”

“I was challenged by a leadership situation and approached Santie von Below at Fundtech to assist me with advice. Based on her advice, the matter could be resolved effectively.

This is what I got: 
“Back to basics. Marketing with a twist, and a personal touch.”

Hanlie Kleyn
Principal/Sole Proprietor
Katina Properties, George, RSA

Do you need a soundboard for your creative ideas or do you want to discuss a confidential leadership challenge? Schedule your free 30 minute consultation to start your intervention process. 

Fundtech #BetterTogether

“A team is capable of accomplishing things that no individual, no matter how multi-talented, could do alone.” Dr. Sid Buzzell

A greater team effectiveness is within your reach as a manager. Schedule your appointment for a free concise organisational assessment today. Follow up interventions will improve your cash flow, profitability, relationships between staff members and management, as well as customer service.

“This workshop helped me to see the frustrations that my team members experience… and how we could improve to solve them.”

“I enjoyed the personality tests and the icebreakers tremendously.”

“The data on which market segments I serve as a medical specialist was informative and it stimulated my interest in strategic management.”

“This workshop helped us to see how we can attain our sustainability goals in a more efficient way and improve our cash flow.”

“I discovered that my role as a manager impacted hugely on the well-being of the company.”

Fundtech #Fusion

“Install sound leadership in your organisation through the knowledge of cultures”


“I never knew that cultures differ on specific dimensions and that knowledge about it can improve my professionalism as a leader.”

“I learned that choosing my words with cultural sensitivity results in a better outcome.”

“I discovered that my leadership can be developed and that my knowledge can be appreciated in a diverse group.”

“I realised how my upbringing influenced my adult thought processes and current conduct and that my world view can be expanded to be more inclusive.”


  Broaden your horizons about cultural diversity today and determine the strategic benefits for your business. This workshop will also assist you to grow the essential leadership skills that are respected in all cultures around the  world. 

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Dr. Santie von Below, an accomplished author and founder of FUNDTECH takes a hands-on approach to all clients. FUNDTECH was founded in 1994 and prides itself on helping people form ideas into a business.

Internationally qualified to educate and facilitate entrepreneurs and teams in marketing, strategy, company culture and business management. See her qualifications below.

  • Doctorate in Strategic Leadership & Global Consulting (Regent University, VA,USA)2019
  • M.Com Strategic Management (North West Univ, Potchefstroom)1988-1989
  • B.Com Hons Marketing Management (Univ Pretoria)1987
  • B.Com Marketing Management (Univ Pretoria) 1984-1986